Expired Real Estate Listings Service

What Does It Mean When A House Is Active?

An active listing is a home that's currently open for offers. An expired listing is simply a listing that has reached the set date of expiry that you determined with your agent. Once this happens, your course of actions play a crucial role in whether your home sells in a timely manner. Working with The Blake Rickels Group is one of the ways you can make sure your home gets a fair chance on the market this time.

Why Didn't My Home Sell?

Selling your expired homeThere are a variety of reasons that a home you listed may have expired before it sold. These reasons can range from improper pricing to inefficient or outdated marketing. Our agents at The Blake Rickels Group have seen a multitude of reasons for expired home listings over the years and we have come up with wide-ranging answers for almost every one. Throughout our careers, we have made sure to pay specific attention to shortcomings in sales, uncover precedent, and craft strategic and effective solutions to sell homes which others were not able to. An innovative blend of forward-thinking marketing techniques, multi-skilled team members, and a special focus on this all-too-common selling dilemma has led our team to become a go-to point of contact for customers who want to take their home sale to the next level.

An in-depth understanding of Knoxville area markets combined with to-the-minute knowledge of market fluctuations means that we can truly price your home accurately and can put together a fair and realistic program for getting the highest value for your property. Honesty is the cornerstone of our business, which is why you can count on us to list your home for an upfront and expertise-based price that reflects current market conditions — so that you can budget and plan your life accordingly. As a result, we are able to say that we can genuinely sell your home for the best possible price, without the false promises.

Contact Blake Rickels today to learn more about how we can help you sell your expired home and how we have helped our valued clients with their selling experience.