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Holston Hills is located in a luxe community just east of downtown Knoxville. This lovely location is home to many spacious, established properties surrounded by mature growth and highly groomed green spaces. Homes are elegant, yet simple; the amenities that surround them are extensive and state-of-the-art. Masterfully planned without being a master-planned community, Holston Hills homes provide the best of country club living within a range of budgets.

Holston Hills Real Estate Market Overview

Average Price $343K
Lowest Price $33K
Highest Price $749K
Total Listings 20
Avg. Days On Market 61
Avg. Price/SQFT $199

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Homes for sale in Holston Hills are priced quite affordably; they have vast lots that are blanketed by greenery and are lightly wooded. Homes are cozy and comfortable: the market is rich with ranchers, stone cottages, and bungalows built in the mid-20th century. Many have charming brick and vinyl exteriors, French doors, hardwood flooring, wrap-around porches, sloped roofs, and endearing pathways; all exude character.

Living In Holston Hills, Knoxville

Living in Holston Hills is the kind of experience buyers spend months, and even years, searching for. The Holston Hills Country Club's stately pillars lead way to a gorgeous patrician golf course designed by Donald Ross. With a reputation of gold, this private club has a rich local history and a designation as one of the state's best. Amenities at the country club include an Olympic-sized swimming pool and eight outdoor tennis courts, including two hard courts and four lighted clay courts.

The community offers much more to do beyond the gates of the country club. The Holston River is a fine place to fish and explore. Holston River Park is home to 2 fishing piers, a canoe launch, soccer fields, kids play areas, and hiking and biking trails along the greenway. The Holston-Chilhowee Ballfields are well-equipped baseball and football fields supplemented by floodlights, a batting cage, and food vendors.

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Everything You Need To Know About Real Estate In Holston Hills

Exploring Holston Hills, TN Real Estate: Your Ultimate Guide to Homes, Costs, and Lifestyle in Tennessee's Coveted Neighborhood

Introduction: Discovering the Charm of Holston Hills, TN

Nestled in the heart of Tennessee, Holston Hills presents a unique blend of serene suburban living and vibrant community spirit. This picturesque neighborhood, known for its lush landscapes and rich history, has become a sought-after destination for many looking to find their perfect home. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer, a family seeking a nurturing community, or someone looking to retire in comfort and style, Holston Hills offers a compelling proposition.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve deep into the heart of Holston Hills, exploring what makes this neighborhood not just a place to live, but a place to thrive. From the cost of homes to the lifestyle it offers, we answer the most pressing questions for potential homeowners and investors. Is Holston Hills the idyllic neighborhood it appears to be? How does the real estate market stack up against the rest of Tennessee? Is it more cost-effective to buy an existing home or build a new one here? And importantly, does Holston Hills rank as a top retirement destination?

Join us as we uncover the essence of Holston Hills, TN, providing you with detailed insights and local perspectives. Whether you're considering a move or simply curious about what this charming neighborhood has to offer, this article is your gateway to understanding the real Holston Hills.

Is Holston Hills a Good Neighborhood?

When considering a move to a new area, the quality of the neighborhood is often at the forefront of potential homeowners' minds. Holston Hills, nestled in the vibrant heart of Tennessee, offers a unique blend of qualities that make it not just a good neighborhood, but a truly exceptional one.

A Community Steeped in Rich History and Natural Beauty:
Holston Hills boasts a rich history that adds depth and character to the community. The neighborhood is known for its beautifully preserved mid-century homes and lush, rolling landscapes that offer a picturesque setting. This historical charm is complemented by the modern amenities and conveniences that residents value.

Safety and Serenity: A Top Priority:
Safety is a paramount concern for any neighborhood, and Holston Hills excels in this regard. The area is known for its low crime rates, creating a sense of security and peace of mind for its residents. This tranquility allows families, retirees, and young professionals alike to enjoy a serene lifestyle, with the added benefit of friendly neighbors and a strong sense of community.

Access to Quality Education and Local Amenities:
For families considering Holston Hills, the access to quality education is a significant draw. The neighborhood is served by well-regarded schools, offering excellent educational opportunities for children. Additionally, the area is rich in amenities, including local shops, restaurants, and recreational facilities, ensuring that residents have everything they need within easy reach.

A Vibrant Lifestyle with a Touch of Elegance:
Holston Hills isn't just about the essentials; it's about a lifestyle. The neighborhood hosts various community events and activities, fostering a vibrant social scene. From golf courses to local parks and walking trails, there's an abundance of activities to suit all interests and ages.

Real Estate Opportunities:
For those interested in making Holston Hills their home, the real estate market here is inviting. With a range of properties, from historic homes to modern constructions, there's something to suit every taste and budget. Prospective buyers can explore the current listings and find their dream home in this coveted neighborhood at Blake Rickels' Holston Hills Real Estate.

Are Houses in Holston Hills, TN Expensive?

The question of affordability is crucial for anyone considering a move or investment in real estate. When it comes to Holston Hills, TN, understanding the pricing landscape of homes is key to making an informed decision.

A Diverse Real Estate Market:
Holston Hills presents a real estate market that is as diverse as it is dynamic. The neighborhood is known for its range of housing options, from charming, historic homes to more contemporary residences. This diversity in housing styles also brings a range of prices, catering to various budgets and preferences.

Comparative Affordability in the Tennessee Market:
In the broader context of Tennessee's real estate market, Holston Hills stands out for its competitive pricing. While the area exudes an air of exclusivity and elegance, it surprisingly does not command the premium prices one might expect. This makes it an attractive option for those seeking quality living without the hefty price tag often associated with upscale neighborhoods.

Understanding the Pricing Trends:
To get a clear picture of the current market trends and pricing in Holston Hills, prospective buyers and investors should consider the latest listings and market analyses. Prices can vary significantly based on factors such as property size, location within the neighborhood, and the unique features of each home. For the most up-to-date information on home prices in Holston Hills, visiting Blake Rickels' Holston Hills Real Estate Listings provides valuable insights.

A Worthwhile Investment:
While the term 'expensive' is subjective, it's important to consider the value you're getting for the price. Homes in Holston Hills are not just purchases; they're investments in a quality lifestyle. The neighborhood's enduring appeal, combined with the robustness of the Tennessee real estate market, ensures that investing in a home here is a decision that pays dividends in both lifestyle and financial returns.

Is it Cheaper to Buy a Home or Build a New Home in Holston Hills, TN?

Deciding whether to buy an existing home or build a new one is a significant choice for many potential homeowners, especially in a market as appealing as Holston Hills, TN. This decision often hinges on cost considerations, personal preferences, and long-term goals.

Cost Comparison: Buying vs. Building:
In Holston Hills, the cost of buying an existing home versus building a new one can vary widely. Existing homes in the area offer the charm of established neighborhoods and often come with mature landscaping and a sense of community. These homes, listed on platforms like Blake Rickels' Holston Hills Real Estate, can range in price depending on factors like age, condition, and location.

On the other hand, building a new home allows for customization and the assurance of having everything brand new. However, it's important to consider the costs associated with building, which include not only the price of land but also construction costs, permits, and potential delays. In some cases, building a new home can be more expensive upfront, but it also offers the advantage of customizing the home to your exact specifications.

Evaluating Total Costs and Benefits:
When evaluating whether to buy or build, it's crucial to look beyond just the initial price tag. Buying an existing home might seem less expensive at first, but it could require renovations or upgrades. Building a new home might have a higher initial cost but can save money in the long run with energy-efficient designs and modern materials.

Personal Preferences and Lifestyle Considerations:
The decision also depends on personal preferences and lifestyle needs. Some people prefer the character and history of an existing home, while others relish the idea of creating a space that's uniquely theirs from the ground up.

Navigating the Holston Hills Market:
For those interested in exploring the options in Holston Hills, it's beneficial to consult with real estate professionals who understand the local market. They can provide insights into the cost differences and help you weigh the pros and cons based on your specific situation. Browsing through current listings and available properties at Blake Rickels' Holston Hills Real Estate can also give you a better idea of what's available and at what price.

Is Holston Hills, TN the Best Place to Retire In?

Retirement is a time of life when one seeks comfort, convenience, and a community that aligns with their lifestyle. Holston Hills, TN, emerges as a strong contender for those considering where to spend their golden years. Let's explore what makes this neighborhood a potentially perfect retirement haven.

A Serene and Scenic Environment:
One of the most appealing aspects of Holston Hills for retirees is its serene and scenic environment. The neighborhood is known for its lush greenery, rolling hills, and picturesque landscapes, offering a peaceful setting that's ideal for relaxation and enjoying nature. This tranquil backdrop is perfect for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life in their retirement years.

Community and Social Engagement:
Retirement is also about being part of a community where one can engage socially and stay active. Holston Hills boasts a tight-knit community with friendly neighbors and a variety of social activities. From golf clubs to community events, there are ample opportunities for retirees to connect with others and enjoy a fulfilling social life.

Access to Healthcare and Amenities:
Proximity to quality healthcare is a crucial factor for retirees, and Holston Hills doesn't disappoint. The area is conveniently located near top-notch medical facilities, ensuring that residents have easy access to healthcare services. Additionally, the neighborhood offers a range of amenities, including shopping centers, restaurants, and recreational facilities, all of which contribute to a comfortable and convenient lifestyle.

Affordable and Diverse Real Estate Options:
For retirees looking to downsize or find their dream retirement home, Holston Hills offers a variety of real estate options. The neighborhood features a range of properties, from cozy bungalows to more spacious homes, all at competitive prices. Prospective buyers can explore the current listings on Blake Rickels' Holston Hills Real Estate to find a home that fits their retirement needs and budget.

A Balance of Peaceful Living and City Access:
While Holston Hills provides a peaceful and secluded environment, it also offers easy access to the vibrant city life of nearby urban centers. This balance ensures that retirees can enjoy the best of both worlds – tranquility at home and excitement just a short drive away.

Experiencing the Seasons in Holston Hills: A Year-Round Weather and Climate Guide

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Tennessee, Holston Hills offers a unique blend of natural beauty and comfortable living, as beautifully presented on Blake Rickels' website. A significant aspect of its charm is the weather and climate, which shapes the daily life and seasonal activities in this serene neighborhood. Understanding the weather patterns throughout the year in Holston Hills not only helps in planning daily activities but also plays a crucial role in why many choose to call this place home.

Spring: A Time of Renewal and Blossoms
Spring in Holston Hills is a delightful season, marked by a gradual warming trend and the blooming of local flora. Typically starting in March and extending through May, this period sees average temperatures ranging from the mid-50s to the high 70s (Fahrenheit). It's a time when the community comes alive with outdoor activities, from golfing at the Holston Hills Country Club to leisurely walks along the Tennessee River. Rainfall is moderate, making it ideal for gardening and the rejuvenation of the lush landscapes that characterize the area.

Summer: Warmth and Vibrant Outdoor Life
Summers in Holston Hills are warm and sometimes humid, with temperatures often reaching the mid-80s to low 90s. June through August is a period filled with sunshine, perfect for enjoying the numerous outdoor amenities the neighborhood offers. Residents and visitors indulge in golfing, boating on the Tennessee River, and participating in community events. While occasional thunderstorms are common, they seldom dampen the spirit of outdoor enthusiasts.

Fall: A Spectacle of Colors
Autumn in Holston Hills, from September to November, is a season of spectacular beauty. The foliage transforms into vibrant hues of red, orange, and yellow, creating a picturesque setting that is a photographer's dream. The climate becomes cooler and more comfortable, with temperatures ranging from the high 50s to the low 70s. This season is perfect for outdoor activities like hiking and picnicking, allowing residents to fully immerse themselves in the natural splendor of the area.

Winter: Mild and Cozy
Winters in Holston Hills are generally mild compared to other regions. From December through February, the area experiences cooler temperatures, usually ranging from the low 30s to the high 50s. Snowfall is infrequent and light, adding a gentle touch of winter's charm without causing significant disruptions. This season is ideal for cozy indoor activities or enjoying the crisp outdoor air with minimal winter gear.

Overall Climate: Comfortable and Enjoyable
Overall, the climate in Holston Hills is characterized by its comfort and the ability to enjoy a variety of activities year-round. The distinct seasons each bring their own charm, making it an attractive location for those who appreciate the changing rhythms of nature. Whether it's the blooming spring, the sunny summer, the colorful fall, or the mild winter, Holston Hills offers a climate that complements its scenic beauty and enhances the quality of life for its residents.

Exploring the Charm of Holston Hills: A Guide to Local Attractions and Activities

Nestled in the heart of Tennessee, Holston Hills is more than just a picturesque neighborhood; it's a hub of vibrant activities and attractions that cater to all ages and interests. This community, beautifully showcased on Blake Rickels' website, is not only known for its stunning homes but also for the rich array of local attractions and activities that make living here a truly unique experience.

1. Holston Hills Country Club: A Golfer's Paradise
At the heart of the neighborhood lies the Holston Hills Country Club, a testament to the area's commitment to leisure and luxury. This historic club, renowned for its Donald Ross-designed golf course, offers not just a challenging round of golf but also a chance to step back in time and enjoy the elegance of a bygone era. The club's rich history, coupled with its modern amenities, makes it a favorite among residents and visitors alike.

2. The Beauty of the Tennessee River
Holston Hills' proximity to the Tennessee River adds a layer of natural beauty and recreational opportunities. Whether it's a peaceful morning jog along the riverbank, a family picnic with the river as your backdrop, or a kayaking adventure, the river is a central part of life here. It's a place where residents can connect with nature without straying far from home.

3. Cultural and Historical Exploration
The neighborhood is steeped in history, and this is reflected in the nearby attractions. The Ramsey House Plantation, just a short drive away, offers a glimpse into the 18th-century life in Tennessee. Visitors can explore the historic house and grounds, participate in educational programs, and attend special events that celebrate the region's rich heritage.

4. Shopping and Dining Delights
For those who love shopping and dining, Holston Hills is conveniently located near a variety of boutiques, malls, and eateries. From local artisan shops to well-known retail outlets, there's something to satisfy every shopper. The dining scene is equally diverse, offering everything from cozy cafes to gourmet restaurants, each serving up a slice of Tennessee's famed culinary delights.

5. Outdoor Adventures and Family Fun
Families in Holston Hills have access to numerous parks and green spaces. The nearby Knoxville Zoo, a favorite among children and adults alike, offers an exciting day out with its wide range of animals and interactive exhibits. For outdoor enthusiasts, the Ijams Nature Center provides a perfect setting for hiking, bird watching, and exploring the natural beauty of Tennessee.

6. Community Events and Festivals
Holston Hills is a community that loves to celebrate. Throughout the year, residents can enjoy a variety of events and festivals that bring the community together. From seasonal celebrations to local art and music festivals, these events are a testament to the neighborhood's vibrant community spirit.

Exploring the Great Outdoors: A Guide to Nature and Outdoor Activities in Holston Hills

Holston Hills, a gem in Tennessee's crown, offers more than just picturesque landscapes and serene living environments, as showcased on Blake Rickels' website. It's a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, boasting a plethora of activities that cater to various interests and ages. Whether you're a resident or a visitor, the opportunities to engage with nature and enjoy outdoor activities in Holston Hills are abundant and diverse.

1. Golfing at Holston Hills Country Club
A centerpiece of outdoor activity in Holston Hills is the prestigious Holston Hills Country Club. Known for its stunning, Donald Ross-designed golf course, it offers a challenging yet enjoyable experience for golfers of all skill levels. The beautifully manicured greens and fairways, coupled with the breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, make for an unforgettable golfing experience. It's not just about the game; it's about enjoying the great outdoors in a refined setting.

2. Walking and Hiking Trails
For those who love to explore on foot, Holston Hills provides a network of walking and hiking trails that meander through scenic areas. These trails are perfect for a leisurely stroll, a brisk walk, or a more challenging hike. They offer a chance to witness the local wildlife, enjoy the tranquility of nature, and get a good dose of fresh air and exercise.

3. Boating and Fishing on the Tennessee River
The proximity of Holston Hills to the Tennessee River opens up a world of water-based activities. Boating enthusiasts can enjoy a day out on the water, whether it’s for leisurely cruising or engaging in water sports. Fishing is another popular activity, with the river providing a habitat for various species of fish. It’s an ideal way to relax and connect with nature.

4. Community Parks and Green Spaces
Holston Hills is dotted with community parks and green spaces that are perfect for family outings, picnics, or simply enjoying a sunny day. These areas provide safe and beautiful environments for children to play and for adults to unwind. They are also great spots for community gatherings, fostering a sense of togetherness and outdoor enjoyment.

5. Bird Watching and Nature Photography
The diverse flora and fauna in Holston Hills make it a prime spot for bird watching and nature photography. Enthusiasts can find numerous species of birds, making it a delightful experience for ornithologists and amateur bird watchers alike. Nature photography enthusiasts will find endless inspiration in the landscapes and wildlife of Holston Hills.

6. Seasonal Outdoor Events
Holston Hills hosts various outdoor events throughout the year, taking advantage of the area's pleasant climate. These events range from community sports to outdoor festivals, offering fun and entertainment for the whole family.

What is the Average Cost of a House in Holston Hills, TN?

For anyone considering a move to Holston Hills, TN, or investing in the area, understanding the average cost of a house is a crucial piece of information. This figure not only helps in budgeting and financial planning but also provides insight into the value and appeal of the neighborhood.

Current Market Trends:
The real estate market is always in flux, influenced by various economic factors, demand, and local developments. As of my last update, it's essential to note that the average cost of a house in Holston Hills can vary based on these changing dynamics. For the most current and detailed information, checking out Blake Rickels' Holston Hills Real Estate Listings is a wise step. These listings provide a snapshot of the market, offering a range of prices that reflect the diversity of homes available in the area.

Factors Affecting House Prices:
Several factors influence the average cost of homes in Holston Hills. These include the size and condition of the property, its age, any recent renovations or upgrades, and its specific location within the neighborhood. Homes with modern amenities, updated interiors, or expansive views may command higher prices, while more modest properties might be priced more accessibly.

Comparative Affordability:
When compared to other upscale neighborhoods in Tennessee and beyond, Holston Hills often emerges as a more affordable option. This affordability, coupled with the neighborhood's charm and amenities, makes it an attractive choice for a wide range of buyers, from young families to retirees.

Investment Potential:
Investing in Holston Hills real estate is not just about finding a place to live; it's about making a smart financial decision. The neighborhood's enduring appeal and steady demand make it a promising area for long-term investment. The average cost of a house here should be viewed not only in terms of current market value but also in terms of potential appreciation over time.

A Range of Options for Diverse Needs:
Whether you're looking for a cozy starter home, a spacious family residence, or a luxurious estate, Holston Hills offers a range of options to suit different needs and budgets. This diversity ensures that the average cost of a house in the area can accommodate a variety of financial situations.

Holston Hills: Embracing the Future with Exciting Development Plans

Holston Hills, a gem in Tennessee's crown, is not just a testament to the rich history and natural beauty of the region but also a neighborhood that looks forward with anticipation to its future. As detailed on Blake Rickels' website, which offers a comprehensive view of the area's real estate landscape, Holston Hills is on the cusp of exciting developments that promise to enhance the quality of life for its residents while preserving the unique charm that defines this community.

Revitalizing the Holston Hills Country Club
A centerpiece of the neighborhood, the Holston Hills Country Club, is set for a series of upgrades aimed at enhancing its facilities while maintaining its historic character. Plans include modernizing the golf course, expanding the clubhouse amenities, and introducing more family-friendly activities. These improvements are designed to attract a new generation of golf enthusiasts and social members, ensuring the club remains a focal point of community life.

Green Spaces and Park Development
Recognizing the community's love for the outdoors, there are proposals to further develop the green spaces within Holston Hills. This includes the creation of more walking trails, the enhancement of existing parks, and the introduction of community gardens. These initiatives aim to promote an active lifestyle and provide serene spots for relaxation and socialization.

Infrastructure Improvements
With an eye on the future, Holston Hills is set to benefit from infrastructure improvements. These include road widening projects, enhanced public transportation links, and upgraded utilities. These developments are crucial in ensuring that the neighborhood remains well-connected and accessible, catering to the growing needs of its residents.

Residential Expansion and Diversification
The real estate market in Holston Hills, as showcased on Blake Rickels' Holston Hills Real Estate, is set to see a diversification in housing options. Plans are in place to introduce a range of housing styles, from modern townhomes to luxury apartments, catering to a broader demographic. This expansion is carefully planned to blend seamlessly with the existing architectural ethos of the neighborhood.

Focus on Sustainable Development
In line with contemporary trends, future development in Holston Hills is geared towards sustainability. This includes the construction of energy-efficient homes, the integration of green technology in public spaces, and initiatives to preserve the natural environment. These efforts underscore a commitment to a future that is not only prosperous but also environmentally responsible.

Enhancing Local Business and Retail Opportunities
To support the growing community, there are plans to enhance local business and retail opportunities within Holston Hills. This includes the development of boutique shopping areas, the introduction of new dining options, and support for local entrepreneurs. These initiatives aim to bolster the local economy while providing residents with an enriched lifestyle experience.

Conclusion: Discovering the Charm of Holston Hills, TN

As we wrap up our exploration of Holston Hills, TN, it's clear that this neighborhood is more than just a collection of homes; it's a vibrant community brimming with charm, character, and opportunity. Whether you're a young professional, a growing family, or someone seeking the perfect retirement haven, Holston Hills offers a unique blend of tranquility, accessibility, and community spirit.

The neighborhood's reputation as a desirable place to live is well-earned. From its scenic beauty and peaceful environment to its friendly community and range of amenities, Holston Hills caters to a diverse array of lifestyles and preferences. The real estate market here, as detailed on Blake Rickels' Holston Hills Real Estate, showcases a variety of homes that promise something for everyone – whether it's affordability, luxury, or a balance of both.

Moreover, the questions we've addressed in this blog post highlight the practical considerations of life in Holston Hills. The neighborhood's standing as a good place to live, the value of its real estate, the comparison of building versus buying, its suitability for retirees, and the average cost of homes are all factors that make Holston Hills an attractive option for many.

In conclusion, Holston Hills, TN, is not just a location; it's a lifestyle choice. It's a place where the dream of a perfect home becomes a reality, where community values are strong, and where the beauty of Tennessee's natural landscape can be enjoyed every day. For those considering a move to Holston Hills or investing in this charming neighborhood, the journey promises to be as rewarding as the destination.