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Westmoreland real estate is divided into two subdivisions. These distinct sections are Old and New Westmoreland. Exemplifying the blend of contemporary and rich historic influences in this high-status part of town, Old and New Westmoreland have one core aspect in common: both are model examples of their respective era's luxury markets. With some of the grandest homes in the Knoxville region, Westmoreland is a place where demand never wavers and exceptional craftsmanship preserveres.

Westmoreland Real Estate Market Overview

Average Price $853K
Lowest Price $200K
Highest Price $1.7M
Total Listings 8
Avg. Days On Market 48
Avg. Price/SQFT $334

Property Types (active listings)

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Luxury Westmoreland Homes For Sale

Westmoreland homes for sale range are as diverse as they are desirable. At the lower end of the price scale, buyers can find cozy, understated cottages and ranchers with mature trees and plenty of local character. Beyond the $400,000 mark, homes become vastly more luxurious with 3,000-4,000 square feet, distinguished exteriors of brick and ivory or onyx trim, pillars, guesthouses, and expansive amounts of groomed private land.

Westmoreland homes have an average size of over 4,000 square feet. The tall leafy trees that line the sidewalks give the neighborhood an air of prestige. The estates in the neighborhood all have plenty of space between them, allowing for a perfect combination of community and exclusive living.

The Westmoreland Lifestyle

Westmoreland has long been hailed as one of the most elite places to live in Knoxville, and it is where many of the city's most prominent people have chosen to settle. Though the community feels exclusive, there is plenty to do just minutes from its perimeters. The beautiful Lakeshore Park lies just along the eastern edge of Westmoreland, bordering the Tennessee River on its opposite side. This tailored green space offers lacrosse fields, ballparks, and beautiful trails with views of the Smoky Mountains. There is also a lovely pier, canoe and kayak launch, and a state-of-the-art pavilion; a Hilltop terrace and garden area is set to be introduced.

Cherokee Country Club is another cornerstone of the Westmoreland lifestyle. This luxurious, palatial structure is beautifully lit and a top spot for social gathering. It offers seven clay tennis courts, three hard courts, one of the most beautiful 18-hole Donald Ross links course, and a gourmet dining hall run by one of the best local chefs.

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Everything You Need To Know About Real Estate In Westmoreland

Discovering Westmoreland: A Blend of Luxury, History, and Natural Beauty


Welcome to the enchanting neighborhood of Westmoreland, a prestigious area renowned for its unique combination of historical elegance, natural splendor, and luxurious living. Nestled in a serene setting, Westmoreland stands as a testament to upscale residential living, offering a lifestyle that is both refined and rich in cultural heritage. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the various facets that make Westmoreland a sought-after destination for homeowners. From the architectural grandeur of its historic homes to the modern amenities and lush landscapes, Westmoreland presents an unparalleled living experience.

In this blog, we will answer key questions about Westmoreland, shedding light on what the area is known for, the types of properties available, new developments, and the amenities and schools nearby. We will also examine the trends in the real estate market, the pros and cons of living in Westmoreland, and how living costs compare to nearby areas. Whether you are a potential homebuyer, a real estate enthusiast, or simply curious about this distinguished neighborhood, this guide offers valuable insights into the heart of Westmoreland's real estate scene.

For those seeking detailed information and listings of homes in Westmoreland, Blake Rickels' website serves as an invaluable resource, providing expert advice and tailored services to help you navigate the Westmoreland real estate market.

What is Westmoreland Known For?

Westmoreland, a distinguished and sought-after area, is renowned for its unique blend of historical charm, natural beauty, and upscale living. This neighborhood, often considered one of the jewels in its region, offers residents a lifestyle that is both luxurious and steeped in cultural richness.

Historical Significance and Architectural Beauty: Westmoreland boasts a rich history that is reflected in its architecture and community layout. The area is known for: Historic Homes: Many properties in Westmoreland are notable for their historical significance, featuring classic architectural designs that have been meticulously preserved and updated. Architectural Diversity: The neighborhood showcases a range of architectural styles, from traditional to modern, each adding to the area's unique character.

Natural Beauty and Serene Living: The natural surroundings of Westmoreland contribute significantly to its appeal: Scenic Landscapes: Westmoreland is surrounded by picturesque landscapes, including lush parks, manicured gardens, and tree-lined streets that offer a serene living environment. Outdoor Recreation: The area provides ample opportunities for outdoor activities, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts and those who appreciate an active lifestyle.

Upscale Lifestyle and Community: Westmoreland is synonymous with upscale living, offering: Exclusive Amenities: The neighborhood is equipped with high-end amenities, including country clubs, golf courses, and private parks, catering to a luxurious lifestyle. Strong Community Bonds: Despite its exclusivity, Westmoreland fosters a strong sense of community, with residents actively participating in local events and initiatives.

Discovering Westmoreland's Charm: For those interested in the real estate opportunities in Westmoreland, Blake Rickels' website offers a gateway to this prestigious neighborhood. The site provides: Detailed Listings: Explore a range of properties in Westmoreland, each with its unique charm and historical significance. Insights into the Community: Gain a deeper understanding of what makes Westmoreland a special place to live, from its architectural beauty to its community dynamics.

Property Types in Westmoreland

Diverse Real Estate Options: Westmoreland is characterized by its diverse range of properties, catering to various tastes and lifestyle needs. This variety ensures that potential homeowners can find a space that resonates with their personal style and functional requirements.

Single-Family Homes: Historical Residences: Many single-family homes in Westmoreland boast historical significance, featuring classic architectural designs blended with modern renovations. Contemporary Constructions: Alongside these are newer constructions that offer modern amenities, spacious layouts, and contemporary design elements.

Upscale Living in Westmoreland: Exclusive Properties: For those seeking luxury, Westmoreland offers exclusive estates, often situated in prime locations, with expansive grounds, high-end finishes, and bespoke features. Customization and Privacy: These properties provide ample space for customization, ensuring privacy and exclusivity for homeowners.

Convenience and Community: Low-Maintenance Living: The condominiums and townhouses in Westmoreland are perfect for those seeking a more manageable living space without sacrificing the area's upscale feel. Community Amenities: These properties often come with added benefits like community pools, fitness centers, and maintenance services.

Exploring Westmoreland's Real Estate with Blake Rickels: Comprehensive Listings: Blake Rickels' website provides an extensive selection of properties in Westmoreland, from historic homes to modern estates. Personalized Assistance: The website offers personalized services to help you navigate the diverse real estate options in Westmoreland, ensuring you find a home that perfectly matches your preferences.

New Developments in Westmoreland

Embracing Modernity in Westmoreland: Westmoreland is not only known for its historical and established properties but also for its embrace of modernity, as seen in the new developments and construction projects emerging in the area. These projects reflect the neighborhood's growth and its adaptation to contemporary living needs.

A Blend of Tradition and Innovation: Modern Residential Developments: New construction projects in Westmoreland often focus on creating modern living spaces that harmonize with the area's traditional aesthetic. Innovative Designs: These developments feature innovative architectural designs, state-of-the-art amenities, and sustainable building practices.

Future Developments: Planned Communities: Future development plans in Westmoreland include the creation of planned communities that offer a mix of residential options, from single-family homes to townhouses and condos. Focus on Community Amenities: These new developments are designed with a focus on community, incorporating green spaces, recreational facilities, and local conveniences.

Navigating Westmoreland's Evolving Real Estate: Up-to-Date Listings: Blake Rickels' website provides the latest information on new developments in Westmoreland, showcasing the newest and most modern homes available. Expert Guidance: The website offers expert advice on navigating the new developments in Westmoreland, helping buyers understand the benefits and features of these modern constructions.

Amenities and Schools Near Westmoreland

Comprehensive Living Experience in Westmoreland: Westmoreland is not just a place to reside; it's a community designed for a comprehensive living experience. The neighborhood's proximity to a wide array of amenities and some of the best educational institutions in the region makes it an ideal choice for families and individuals seeking a balanced and enriched lifestyle.

Enhancing Daily Life and Leisure: Shopping and Dining: Westmoreland's residents enjoy the convenience of being close to various shopping destinations, from local markets offering fresh produce to larger shopping malls with a wide range of retail stores. The dining scene in and around Westmoreland is equally diverse, featuring everything from cozy cafes and bistros to fine dining restaurants, catering to all tastes and occasions. Recreational Facilities: For those who value an active lifestyle, Westmoreland is a treasure trove of opportunities. The area is dotted with well-maintained parks, offering spaces for jogging, cycling, and leisurely walks. Fitness enthusiasts will find state-of-the-art gyms and sports complexes, while those looking for relaxation can enjoy the local spas and wellness centers.

Schools Committed to Holistic Development: Top-Rated Schools: The schools near Westmoreland are known for their academic excellence. They offer a range of programs aimed at holistic development, including arts, sports, and technology, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded education. Variety of Educational Institutions: Beyond the traditional public and private school options, the area also offers specialized institutions focusing on unique learning approaches, such as Montessori and International Baccalaureate programs, providing parents with a multitude of choices to suit their children's learning styles and needs.

Community and Cultural Engagement: Cultural Attractions: Westmoreland's proximity to cultural hubs means residents can easily access theaters, art galleries, and museums, offering enriching experiences for all ages. Local Events and Activities: The neighborhood is known for its vibrant community calendar, featuring seasonal festivals, farmers' markets, and community workshops, fostering a strong sense of community and providing opportunities for social interaction and engagement.

Discovering Westmoreland's Community Assets: Comprehensive Neighborhood Guide: Blake Rickels' website not only lists homes for sale but also provides a wealth of information about the local amenities and educational facilities. This guide is invaluable for those new to the area or considering a move to Westmoreland, offering insights into the lifestyle and conveniences the neighborhood offers. Tailored Real Estate Services: Understanding that the choice of a home goes beyond just the property itself, the website offers services that help align your real estate choices with your lifestyle needs. Whether you're looking for a home near top-rated schools or within walking distance of the best local amenities, the site provides personalized assistance to meet these criteria.

Westmoreland Real Estate Market Trends

Navigating the Evolving Landscape of Westmoreland's Real Estate: The real estate market in Westmoreland has seen significant changes over recent years, reflecting both local and broader economic trends. Understanding these shifts is crucial for potential buyers, sellers, and investors looking to make informed decisions in this sought-after neighborhood.

Understanding the Current Trends: Growing Demand: Westmoreland has experienced a growing demand for homes, driven by its desirable location, quality of life, and the range of properties available. This demand is a testament to the area's appeal to a diverse demographic, from young professionals to retirees. Market Resilience: Despite broader economic fluctuations, the Westmoreland real estate market has shown resilience, maintaining stable property values and continuing to attract interest from buyers and investors.

Analyzing the Financial Landscape: Steady Appreciation: Homes in Westmoreland have generally seen a steady appreciation in value, making real estate in the area a sound investment. This trend of appreciation is indicative of the neighborhood's ongoing desirability and the quality of life it offers. Comparative Market Analysis: When compared to similar neighborhoods in the region, Westmoreland's property values hold strong, often outperforming other areas in terms of long-term value retention and growth.

Elements Shaping the Market: Economic Indicators: Factors such as employment rates, the local economy's health, and interest rates play a significant role in shaping the real estate market in Westmoreland. Lifestyle Appeal: The area's lifestyle appeal, including its amenities, schools, and community atmosphere, continues to be a significant draw for buyers, influencing market trends and property values.

Anticipating Changes and Opportunities: Projected Growth: With ongoing developments and enhancements in community amenities and infrastructure, the real estate market in Westmoreland is projected to continue its growth trajectory. Market Adaptability: The market's adaptability to changing buyer preferences and economic conditions suggests a positive outlook for both short-term and long-term investments in the area.

Leveraging Professional Expertise: In-Depth Market Reports: Blake Rickels' website offers comprehensive market reports and analyses, providing valuable insights into the current trends and future projections of Westmoreland's real estate market. Personalized Market Advice: The website also provides personalized advice and strategies for buyers and sellers, helping them navigate the market effectively based on their specific goals and circumstances.

Living in Westmoreland: Pros and Cons

Evaluating Life in Westmoreland: Choosing to live in Westmoreland involves considering various factors that contribute to the quality of life. Understanding the pros and cons of this neighborhood is essential for anyone contemplating a move to this area.

Pros: The Advantages of Westmoreland Living: Scenic Beauty and Serenity: Westmoreland is celebrated for its picturesque landscapes, offering residents a serene and aesthetically pleasing environment. The lush greenery, well-maintained parks, and tree-lined streets contribute to a peaceful living experience. Rich Historical Charm: The area's rich history is reflected in its architecture and community layout, providing a sense of connection to the past and a unique living experience. Upscale Amenities and Lifestyle: Westmoreland is known for its upscale amenities, including exclusive country clubs, golf courses, and private parks. These facilities cater to a luxurious lifestyle and provide ample opportunities for leisure and recreation. Strong Community Bonds: Despite its exclusivity, Westmoreland fosters a strong sense of community. Regular local events and gatherings create a close-knit environment, making it easy for residents to connect and engage with each other. Access to Quality Education: The proximity to top-rated schools makes Westmoreland an ideal location for families. The educational institutions in and around the area are known for their excellent academic programs and commitment to student development.

Cons: Considerations Before Moving: Real Estate Prices: Depending on the market segment, some buyers may find the real estate prices in Westmoreland higher compared to other areas. The cost of living in such an upscale neighborhood can be a significant factor for potential residents. Limited Housing Diversity: While Westmoreland offers a range of housing options, the focus on upscale and luxury homes may limit choices for those seeking more affordable or smaller-scale living options. Commuting Distance: For those working in the city center or other distant areas, the commute from Westmoreland might be longer, which could be a consideration for daily travel. Changing Neighborhood Dynamics: As with any growing area, Westmoreland is experiencing changes and developments that might alter the neighborhood's character over time. Potential residents should consider how these changes align with their long-term living preferences.

Balancing Lifestyle and Practicality: Lifestyle Priorities: Prospective residents should weigh these pros and cons against their lifestyle priorities and long-term goals. Understanding what aspects of living in Westmoreland align with their personal and family needs is crucial. Personal Preferences: The decision to move to Westmoreland should be based on a comprehensive understanding of how the neighborhood's characteristics match personal preferences for community, amenities, and living environment.

Navigating Your Decision with Blake Rickels: Comprehensive Neighborhood Insights: Blake Rickels' website offers detailed information on living in Westmoreland, helping buyers and sellers understand both the advantages and considerations of the area. Personalized Real Estate Services: The website provides personalized assistance, ensuring that your real estate choices in Westmoreland align with your overall lifestyle goals and preferences.

Property Taxes and Living Costs in Westmoreland Compared to Nearby Areas

Financial Aspects of Living in Westmoreland: When considering a move to Westmoreland, understanding the financial implications, particularly in terms of property taxes and overall living costs, is crucial. Comparing these costs with nearby areas can provide a clearer picture of what to expect financially when living in Westmoreland.

Property Taxes in Westmoreland: Tax Rates: Westmoreland's property tax rates are an important consideration for potential homeowners. These rates can vary based on the specific location within the neighborhood and the value of the property. Comparison with Surrounding Areas: When compared to nearby areas, Westmoreland's property taxes may differ. In some cases, these taxes are higher due to the area's upscale nature and the amenities provided, but they can also be competitive, offering value for the services and quality of life.

Evaluating Daily Expenses: Cost of Living Index: The cost of living in Westmoreland encompasses various factors, including housing, utilities, groceries, transportation, and healthcare. This index can provide insight into how living in Westmoreland compares financially to other neighborhoods. Housing Costs: As a significant component of the cost of living, housing costs in Westmoreland, including mortgage payments or rent, maintenance, and utilities, play a crucial role in determining the overall affordability of the area.

Lifestyle and Financial Balance: Amenities and Services: The higher living costs in Westmoreland are often offset by the quality and range of amenities and services available to residents, including exclusive recreational facilities, well-maintained public spaces, and top-rated schools. Community and Environment: The cost of living should also be considered in the context of the community environment and lifestyle that Westmoreland offers. The neighborhood's serene setting, strong community bonds, and historical charm contribute to its overall appeal.

Making an Informed Financial Decision: Long-Term Financial Planning: Prospective residents should consider their long-term financial planning, including the potential for property value appreciation and the stability of the real estate market in Westmoreland. Comparative Analysis: Conducting a comparative analysis of living costs and property taxes between Westmoreland and surrounding areas can help in making a well-informed financial decision.

Expert Real Estate and Financial Guidance: Financial Insights: Blake Rickels' website offers valuable insights into the financial aspects of living in Westmoreland, including property taxes and overall living costs. Tailored Assistance: The website provides personalized assistance to navigate the financial considerations of buying or living in Westmoreland, ensuring that your decision aligns with your financial goals and lifestyle preferences.

Embracing the Westmoreland Lifestyle: A Comprehensive Overview

As we conclude our in-depth exploration of Westmoreland, it's clear that this neighborhood offers a unique and enriching living experience. Known for its blend of historical elegance, natural beauty, and upscale amenities, Westmoreland stands as a testament to luxurious and fulfilling suburban living. From the diverse range of properties to the modern developments, the top-tier educational facilities, and the strong community bonds, Westmoreland presents a lifestyle that is both aspirational and attainable.

A Neighborhood of Distinction and Diversity: Westmoreland's charm lies in its ability to offer something for everyone. Whether you're drawn to the historic homes steeped in architectural beauty, the modern amenities that cater to a contemporary lifestyle, or the serene environment ideal for family living, Westmoreland meets these needs with grace and sophistication.

Real Estate Opportunities for Every Aspiration: The evolving real estate market in Westmoreland, characterized by its stability and growth, provides a range of opportunities for buyers, sellers, and investors. The neighborhood's resilience in market trends and its potential for property value appreciation make it a wise choice for real estate endeavors.

Making Informed Decisions: For those considering a move to Westmoreland or investing in its real estate, understanding the nuances of the neighborhood—from the financial aspects like property taxes and living costs to the lifestyle benefits—is crucial. Balancing these factors with personal preferences and long-term goals is key to making a decision that aligns with your aspirations.

Navigating Your Westmoreland Journey with Expertise: Blake Rickels' website stands as an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the Westmoreland real estate market. Offering detailed listings, market insights, and personalized services, the website is your gateway to finding your dream home in this esteemed neighborhood.

Conclusion: A Community That Feels Like Home

Westmoreland is more than just a place to live; it's a community where life's best moments can be cherished. With its unique blend of historical charm, modern luxury, and a strong sense of community, Westmoreland invites you to be part of a neighborhood that feels like home from the moment you arrive. Discover the elegance, embrace the lifestyle, and find your place in the heart of Westmoreland.