Blake Rickels, OWNER / REALTOR®

Knoxville, TN. It’s my home. It’s where I was born, it’s where I was raised, it’s where I went to school, and it’s where I still live today. If I have my way, I’ll grow to be a very old man, right here in the city that holds my heart in its hands. I love everything about Knoxville. I love being downtown and seeing the gleaming World’s Fair Sunsphere. I love the hustle and bustle of the University of Tennessee’s campus (where I went to school) and the roar of the crowd when the Vols take the field each fall. I love Knoxville’s charm, its rich history, its gentility, and its traditions. But if I had to choose one thing about this great city that makes my heart beat faster than anything else, it would have to be the water. Whether it’s the mighty Tennessee River, which flows through the nucleus of the city, or the peacefulness of Fort Loudon Lake, water lies at my very core and is the thing that gives me the greatest serenity and joy in life. If I was given my druthers, I’d spend the balance of my days on a boat. Whether I’m with friends and family or just taking some time for myself, boating is where I am my best self. Knoxville allows me to connect with what’s most important and what makes me the happiest. It’s this fire for Knoxville, the peacefulness and contentedness that I’ve found here, that has driven my passion for my job. Real estate allows me to help other people fall in love with this town just like I have. It allows me to experience Knoxville through the eyes of someone new. Even more, it allows me to help them find their Knoxville, to help them find, for themselves, the magic that lives here. I’m Blake Rickels. Knoxville is my home, it is my heart. Let me help you make it yours.

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